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Friday, January 30, 2009

Maybe itís because I had a cup of coffee before the auditor got here this morning, but I found myself engaging him in conversation for half an hour or so, while I should have been letting him work. Obviously, I donít get out enough, and I donít have enough visitors. Maybe I should work on that.

We talked about business, of course, and the ďextraĒ audit the rating bureau made us do last year. That was actually an audit of the auditor, and he got ďdingedĒ a bit, as he put it, so I expected him to be pickier and more thorough this time. In fact, I gave him way more detailed information than he needed, just to try to head off any crazy tangents he might have wanted to take.

Anyway, thatís the kind of conversation we had. He didnít ask me, ďHow do you like our new president?Ē as my landlord did when he was here last week. We didnít chat about the stimulus package or the Super Bowl or whether Benjamin Button really deserved all those Oscar noms (and The Dark Knight deserved more). All valid topics of conversation, of course, but not why this meeting was called to order.

While he worked, I used the computer to catch up on whatís been going on since Iíve been out of touch. (Quite a lot, apparently.) He did have a few questions, which I answered. He was here for three hours, and at the end he told me heíd found a small discrepancy, which would be settled in the insurance companyís favor (natch), unless I found the error and reported it to them. Itís only a matter of a few dollars, but the principle is the same, so Iíll look for it and even hope to find it.

After he finally left, I was wiped out. Iíd been on some kind of a high while he was here, but I came crashing down afterward. I spent most of the afternoon not looking for the error but conked out in the recliner. Before I knew it, the day was over. Time flies when youíre having a nap.

21 January 2009

Bird on the fence.

I felt lucky that the DSL stayed on the whole time the auditor was here, but I was prepared in case it stopped working again. For one thing, I had my Kindle close by, and I even turned it on for part of the time. I had my cell phone turned off, but Iím still not used to having one. I forget that itís another connection I can use to the Internet, in a dire emergency. I can always get the latest news, if I just remember I have it. Sometimes I forget to take it with me when I leave the house, but Iím starting to get used to carrying it. Since there are no more pay phones, itís a comfort to have it along, just in case.

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