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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just because I had to meet the Bossís ex-wife in front of Wal-Mart today doesnít mean I had to go inside the store and spend money. However, that was my intention when I started out, even though I couldnít think of a single thing I needed from there. I just needed a little shopping therapy, I guess.

If I needed it then, I still need it, because by the time I got there I had decided I didnít want to go into the store after all. I picked one of the sunny spots on the sidewalk in front and waited about five minutes before she drove up. I handed her the blank voided checks she needs to get her new insurance automatically deducted from the company bank account, and she thanked me profusely (more than necessary, really, considering I didnít feel as if I had a real choice in the matter).

Itís not that big a deal. I have to remind myself of that every time I drive down Stony Point Road to the big box store. It actually takes less time to get there than it does to get from home to the supermarket where I do my shopping and banking. And I go there at least twice a week, so if I had any affinity for Wal-Mart, I could shop there at least as often. I have no great love for that store, as Iíve probably mentioned before. Iíd rather shop at Target, which is closer (but takes longer to get to).

So instead of spending money, I came home and wasted time. I didnít get a lick of work done today (unless you consider the drive to Wal-Mart and back ďworkĒ). No laundry, no house cleaning — not even any cooking, because I still have the same leftover chicken and potatoes Iíve had for almost a week now. Lack of an appetite really saves on the groceries, donít you know. I just sat and read and took a little nap. Good Sunday.

29 January 2005

I said I wanted a decorative lamp for that corner, so my mom got me a Lava lamp.

One of the reasons I wanted to get right home was that the front left turn signal on the Saturn has gone out. I donít know if this is related to the warranty work the dealer did last year, or if itís just a simple matter of replacing a bulb. At least itís not one of the rear blinkers thatís gone, because then I wouldnít want to drive at all. As it is, Iíll call the dealer as soon as I get a chance and see if they want to take a look at it.

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While I was home, and in between all those other things, I watched the Kim Basinger thriller Cellular, which I liked more than I expected to. (If I didnít expect to like it, why did I rent it? I donít know.) It had some very cool action sequences, and it was intense enough to keep my interest. (It helped that it was only an hour and a half long.) Itís not exactly ďmy kind of movie,Ē but it was no more of a waste of time than anything else I did today.

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