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Friday, January 30, 2004

Before my day even started, I knew. I fell asleep on the sofa last night, the same as every night. Usually I wake up around 3 am and go to bed for the rest of the night. This time I woke up and squinted at the windows. There was way too much light behind the mini-blinds. I tried to focus on the clock, but it was hard to believe it was 7:36 am.

Yeah, I guess that means I slept. It also means that I woke up with a stiff back and a stiff neck, and not much time to get the kinks out before the work day started. So something had to give, and I knew it. Before my day even started, I knew.

It's good that I finished most of the deadline work yesterday, because I was in no mood today. I had a few little things to get through before I could go to the post office this morning, but that was pretty much all I accomplished today. I don't know if it was exhaustion or relief, but something sapped all the energy out of me. I should be happy to be at the end of this month, but I can't feel anything right now but tired.

At least it's the weekend. Maybe I can recover before I have to start worrying about the next deadline. All I want to do is sleep, even with more work hanging over my head. Maybe I'll be better tomorrow. Maybe I'll wake up safe and comfy in bed, instead of twisted and crumpled on the couch. That would be a better way to start the day, any day.

30 January 2004

Afternoon clouds in the western sky.

It probably wasn't the right night for me to try a new recipe. I had the worst kitchen disaster of my career tonight. (Ha, career! That's what, a month and a half?) It was supposed to be bacon cheeseburgers smothered in sautéed mushrooms, but I overcooked the bacon and undercooked the hamburger. The mushrooms came out just right, but that was small consolation considering how I mangled to the rest of the meal. I tried to salvage it by turning it into a casserole, and... well... let me just say, thank goodness for catsup.

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I crossed another must-see off my list tonight and added it to the roster of Oscar-nominated films I have seen. Capturing the Friedmans brings that total to five, and that number doesn't include any of the best picture or best director nominees. This one is about a dysfunctional family torn apart by child abuse accusations (and convictions), but it's also about perception — how facts are twisted to make us question what we think we know, and how little we really know even about the people we're closest to. Certainty takes a beating in this movie, and justice is just as elusive. It's a truly memorable film that leaves you scratching your head and wondering what really happened.

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