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Wednesday, January 30, 2002

I'm going to have to rein in my spending habits again, I guess. The experiment of last year's resolution not to buy books, CDs and videos was a success, until it ended. With the handcuffs off, I've been a little out of control this month, although maybe that was unavoidable after not having anything new for a whole year. I think I've satisfied my need to fill in the gaps in my music and movie collections with what I've done so far.

But I'm not taking any chances. Here's my new policy: Last year's resolution is in force this year, but only in even-numbered months. Isn't that ingenious? It's so clever that I've managed to put myself in this position five more times this year. After not buying anything in February, the test will be whether I go wild again in March. I don't think I can afford that.

One good thing about this is that I'm more likely to be able to pay this month's heating bill, which is sure to be outrageous, if I'm not spending all my money on things I don't need ... or things I can wait a month to buy.

Today I avoided a possible trap. When I went to get gas in my car, I could easily have swung by Best Buy on my way home. It wasn't until literally the last possible second — go straight or turn right — that I decided to come on home and get back to work. That doesn't mean I won't give in to the same temptation tomorrow, if it should arise, but since tomorrow is the last day of the month, I'll be in good shape if I can get through it.

On the other hand, I'm excited about the new diet I invented. It isn't actually working so far, in the sense that I'm not losing any weight, but it hasn't even been two weeks yet. Oh, wait. Usually in the first two weeks of a new program is when I lose the most. So maybe I shouldn't be so excited, except that it's fun. And simple: I starve myself during the week and eat everything in sight on the weekend.

One reason I'm surprised it hasn't worked is that last weekend I couldn't eat anything anyway. I'd been so used to eating light (not to mention "lite") for the previous five days, that I didn't have an urge to snack maniacally when Saturday rolled around. I eventually overcame this reluctance, and I went wild with the chips while watching football Sunday. I was a little afraid I wouldn't be able to go back on the diet Monday morning, but no worries. It seems almost natural now to eat little during the work week.

Hmmm... Maybe I should go to a 6/1 schedule, instead of 5/2. If I only gorged myself one day a week instead of two, I probably wouldn't even get through a whole carton of caramel ice cream. (Nah, no fun.)

This is a work in progress, designed to make me feel good. I want to lose a few of those pounds without depriving myself as much as I probably ought to. And I'll have to get back on a more strenuous exercise program, or none of this is going to work anyway. At least I'm maintaining instead of gaining, even if the weight I'm maintaining is more than I want it to be.


Late afternoon clouds hang low beyond the distant trees.

It's a good thing I got so much work done yesterday, because the Boss got back from a week on the road this morning. That means I had to spend most of my day reacting to whatever crossed his desk (and whatever crossed his mind). I tried to work on the books for the accountant, but it was like playing a game of Sorry. Every time I got a little ahead, the phone would ring and the Boss would send me back to Start. So I gave up and let him control the agenda. That made it easier for me to breathe.

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