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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Boss is really trying to help me get through all the yearend accounting that Iíve been doing. Heís really, really trying. Last week he offered to make some phone calls to vendors who havenít responded to an information request I made almost a month ago. I need that information to finish the 1099s. And (as we all know) I donít make phone calls unless itís an emergency. Sometimes not even then.

Saturday the Boss faxed two pages of typing, something pretty simple, but then he made the mistake of phoning me about it and I complained that I was giving up my whole weekend to do the taxes and reports that have a January 31 deadline. He backed off immediately and said weíd do that typing some other time. So he really is trying.

This morning, though, eight pages of fine print specifications came over the fax. He had cut and pasted them out of various documents, and added to them in his chicken-scratch engineerís hand, and moved things around, and he wanted me to type them in a format that he could present to a county official in Southern California. Today. He made a big deal out of how this official was pressuring him to get this done. He handles pressure pretty well — by passing it on.

So thatís how my Monday started, and thatís how it proceeded, and thatís pretty much how it ended. My whole day was given over to the most boring typing job in the history of the world. I once told him he needed a secretary, but he thought I was joking. What this does is turn this into another four-day week. At least all the deadline work is done, and the next big deadline is the end of February. Thatís a whole month away, so Iím not thinking about it. Not much, anyway. It is a short month, after all.

30 January 2006

Afternoon clouds on the eastern horizon.

Tonight (tonight! after dark!) he called me and said that he had told Julie in no uncertain terms that she was not to bother me with questions about the new computer he gave her. I was horrified. I know heís trying to help (me), but what would really help (me) is if Julie could learn how to use the computer well enough to do some of the things for herself that she usually asks me to do. Thatís the whole point. I told him that I would be happy to answer any questions she has about the computer, and he said he would back off.

So you see, he really is trying.

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Iím miffed about todayís weather. While I was out running errands this morning it was rainy and cold and altogether miserable. Shortly after I got home the sun peeked out, and it was a beautiful afternoon (while I was stuck inside typing). I still had to wear my boots to get the mail, though, because the rain had filled up the ruts in the driveway. Itís not bad out at the end where they put down gravel last week, but itís a long, wet walk to get there. So Iíll get plenty of use out of those boots the rest of the winter.

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