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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Convinced that somehow my life would miraculously turn into a lush, tropical garden, I woke up this morning only to find myself back in emotional Siberia. Maybe it happened because I expected the Boss, who knows what Iím up against, to lay off me today, instead of bombarding me from the crack on with the petty problems that he suffers from due to his own inadequacy.

That is, he canít download pdf files from the computer, because he doesnít know how to connect to the Internet, because he is unable to turn on a computer. Which is a moot point, since he doesnít even own a computer. Except mine, which he made full and endless use of, all day long. So his inadequacy extends to the point where I start picking up the slack, which I do willingly when Iím not standing against a wall with a firing squad of deadlines pointed at me. I could have used a blindfold.

And frankly, Iím not all that adequate myself. In fact, Iím a little stupid when Iím trying to do eight (or even two) things at once. He needed some sheets from the pdf file printed at his local Kinkoís, so I tried to email the file to them. But the file is a thrillion kilobytes and a quillion pages long, and my poor Internet connection couldnít handle it. It took me awhile to realize I could send Kinkoís the link to the file and let them do the rest.

If that had been the only thing I was trying to do today, I might have been all right. But I had three big tax reports to finish, and none of them came out right on the first run-through (which only goes to show that today wasnít the only day Iíd been a little stupid), and every time Iíd think I was getting somewhere, Iíd get waylaid by a phone call. You spend the whole day like that, it makes you think you shouldnít have got out of bed at all.

17 January 2008

Oak branches in winter.

Eventually the day more or less ended on, if not a high note, at least a fairly undistorted tone. All those files didnít crash my new computer, although I did have to do some fast task managing and restarting of programs. The Boss seems satisfied; I only hope for Kinkoís sake that they printed the right pages of that file for him.

And Iím left with two tasks to do before the deadline, neither of which I can finish until I get information from third parties, who will take the blame if it doesnít all come together on time. They know who they are, and they know whatís at stake. I donít have to say another word about it to them, but I will anyway. Thereís no use fanning the flames when thereís an extinguisher close at hand.

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