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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Once something doesnít work right, I always wonder if I can ever rely on it again. Iíve had cars that I wouldnít drive for that very reason. And now, even though I got the new splitter for the DSL line and everything seems to be working okay most of the time, Iíll never have full confidence in the system again. Or at least I wonít until I forget what Iíve been through the last few days. Iím not even sure the trauma is completely over, but Iíve decided to enter the happy zone where I pretend everything is fine and every problem has a solution. Itís the only way to get through the day.

Even after I connected everything and signed on today, I got knocked off line for no apparent reason a few hours later. I disconnected and reconnected every line and cable I had, to see if Iíd done something wrong when I hooked up the new splitter, but nothing seemed to work. And then it all came back, and I remembered that this happens occasionally. I donít know if itís my ISP, or a weak phone line, or just some kind of crazy karma, but it happens. Itís a nuisance, having to sign back on every so often, but it beats not being able to connect at all.

24 January 2009

The way west.

For now, with the exception of the sputtering connection, everything seems to be more or less working the way I should be able to expect it to. That doesnít mean Iíll be able to sign back on every time I get kicked off, but I have to go with what Iíve got, so Iím going with a little forward momentum for a change. Anyway, itís nice to be able to check email all day long again, and to get news flashes when someone is impeached, and to order stamps when I think about it instead of trying to remember to do it after six oíclock. I mean, whatever, you know?

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