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Saturday, January 31, 2009

If I believed that one day and one good nightís sleep would bring me all the way back, I was being much too optimistic. Of course, it would have helped if Iíd actually slept well last night. I think I was doing okay, until there was a power outage in the middle of the night. The beeping and whirring of various electronic devices woke me up, and the blinking of the clock radio next to my bed kept me from sleeping soundly the rest of the way.

To be honest, I donít think Iíd have been very lively today even if I had slept soundly through the night. Itís just too soon after the traumas of January to expect a full recovery. I will get there, and Iíll be able to pace myself better for the next stage of the work cycle. I still have most of the Big Project ahead of me, and now that Iíve exhausted all my excuses (and myself), Iíll be expected to get it done in short order, so that it can go on to the accountant. But Iím not stressed about it, not worried, only a little anxious, as is my nature.

31 January 2009

When you play "doctor" with Kylie, you have to put a book on your head and a party hat on your little finger.

Iíve been so isolated for the last month that I jumped at the chance to spend a few hours with Suzanne, Eric, Aiden and Kylie tonight. Itís been too long, and I needed that feeling of being with people I care about. It wasnít a long visit, but I played with Aidenís army men and Kylie taught me everything she knows about ballet, so I got a workout. Itís a start, isnít it? It gets me back in circulation, after a full month of burrowing and seclusion. I know that it meant a lot to me, anyway.

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