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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We are setting records around here for high temperatures at this time of year, and itís wreaking havoc with my bad mood. How can I possibly stay as gloomy as January demands, when it feels more like May? On the other hand, how can I possibly get all my January work done, when all I have to do is walk out the front door and suddenly it feels like May? Itís a conundrum.

Happily, the Boss is around to keep me on track. Or rather, heís around to keep me busy with things that are slightly off track, but which I would have had to do anyway. So even if I hadnít felt lazy today, I probably wouldnít have gotten any of my deadline work done, because he was so intent on writing letters (when a phone call would do) and redesigning forms (that seem perfectly fine to me already).

Still, if Iím going to be busy doing something on a day when the weather is so good, it might as well be something that doesnít take much concentration, so I can gaze out at the unseasonable warmth. Even if I canít be out doing something in it.

13 January 2009

The Sausage Chili I made today.

I did get out to the bank and the market this morning, so it wasnít a totally wasted beautiful day. I made sure to park as far away from the entrance as I possibly could, so it would take me a few minutes to make my way around the shopping center. I even made an extra stop at the drug store for some things I didnít need, just so I wouldnít have to rush straight home. In my own defense, I will need those items at some point. Maybe when it really is May.

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