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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You donít have to ponder very deeply to come up with the conclusion that I really donít want to get my work done. Not early, anyway. Monday I took time out to get a haircut. Tuesday I made an unnecessary trip to the drugstore. And today I took Mom shopping and to lunch, and then spent a couple of hours with her. And I must say, especially on a beautiful winter day that seems like spring, it was a much more rewarding way to pass the time than those tedious spreadsheets that will haunt my sleep for the next few weeks.

It cost Mom some money, because the reason she needed to go shopping was to get a new DVD player. But we found a pretty good deal, and I set it up for her, and now sheís all set to go. We even opened an account for her at Netflix and started filling up her queue. Her first movie (and this surprised me a little): Juno. Mostly she wants to watch musicals, which are few and far between these days (especially the old-fashioned stagy showbiz musicals, what with Howard Keel being dead and all).

Jane Powell is still around, but she doesnít seem to work that much any more.

All of this fun stuff isnít getting the tax returns done, or the financial spreadsheets ready for the accountant. I seem to have a death wish, or at least a deadline wish, or some genetic mutation that makes me want to do everything at the last minute, even if the last minute isnít enough time. Somehow I always get it all done, but I keep testing the limits and pushing the boundaries. One of these days Iím going to have to buckle down and actually do it.

14 January 2009

Cloud rays.

The Boss kept me bouncing around all morning doing various projects, so I didnít feel bad about leaving for a few hours. I told him I was going, and he said ďgo.Ē Itís as easy as that. He almost makes it too easy to avoid work, but I know thereís a limit somewhere, and I donít want to find out where it is. Iím lucky enough to have a job, and Iím even luckier to have this job, with its built-in flexibility. That works both ways, of course. I have to be flexible enough to find time to get the actual work done, even if it means working on off hours. I donít sleep at night, and I donít party on the weekend, so I donít have a problem with the off hours.

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