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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday isnít usually a good day for much of anything, but apparently itís a good day to get a haircut, because the shopping center parking lot was half empty this morning. And to think that Iíd almost talked myself out of going, but I knew that this was something that would continue to weigh on my mind (figuratively and literally) until I got it done.

I started needing a haircut probably before Thanksgiving, and definitely before Christmas, but I could never find the time, or the inclination. Mondayís a bad day to make decisions, but I was up against it, backed into a corner. I couldnít stand to wait any longer.

Itís so good to have this behind me, and to know that I can slip into and out of the shower tomorrow morning without having to use half a bottle of shampoo on a shaggy mop that was never going to look any better no matter what I did to it. Itís not that it looks so darn good this short, but itís way easier to deal with, and it feels better.

2 January 2009

Cloud cradle.

Itís also nice to go to a place where they can look my name up on their computer and know exactly what I want. I donít have to talk the hair cutter into taking more and more off. Sheís cut my hair before, and she knows I mean it when I tell her I want it short enough so that I donít even have to comb it. She also knows that if she does my eyebrows, she gets a bigger tip.

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