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Sunday, January 13, 2002

Nobody asked, but here's a helpful housekeeping tip: Don't wash both sets of sheets on the same day. Especially when you have a small capacity washer, and it's too cold and damp to hang things outside. And most especially when you have a habit of forgetting to take stuff out of the washer and put it in the dryer. And if you're going to disregard this advice and do it anyway, start early enough in the day that you won't have to stay up well past midnight because you can't go to bed until one more load is done. Especially if you have to work the next morning, and it's a Monday, and it's your busiest month of the year.

Excuses: Tired, wrung out, feeling lazy; too cold, too foggy, too dark; the 49ers lost (and baseball is still a few weeks away). Headache, sinus congestion, and that logy feeling you get when you drank too much coffee and ate too many cookies yesterday. Okay?

Mostly it was just a bad idea. I've been putting off washing the sheets, and I've been sleeping on the same ones for too long. It's both embarrassing and unhygienic. I stuck them in the washer today only because this was the day I thought about it. It's too bad I didn't think about it almost any day in the last two weeks, when I've stayed awake most of the night anyway. Now that I've thoroughly worn myself out and might have gone to bed early for once, there's nothing there but a mattress and blanket.

This is how I get into these situations where, no matter how good my intentions, I never get quite as much sleep as I need. Yes, I think I'm going to bed at ten, and then the news comes on, or I remember something I meant to do earlier, or I just have to have a cup of hot cocoa (or I remember I still have to put the sheets in the dryer), and once again it's too late to go to bed early.


The blue sky never appeared through the fog and overcast today. This is from a few days ago.

It was a day to wind down after all the emotional trauma of the last several weeks. I don't know if I did any real unwinding, but the list of things I didn't do today would be impressive. Making that list turns out to be another thing I'm not going to get around to, so you'll just have to imagine it. Cross off washing the sheets, though, because I did that.

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