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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I know they know theyíre supposed to leave me alone, because Iíve told them. If you want all these reports done, sez I, stay out of my face. Instead, itís a phone call from Tim complaining about the Boss at 8:45 am, and a call from the Boss a little later asking me if Tim had been bothering me, and would I like him to do something about it.

Yes and no. Mostly, leave me alone.

Later I spent a good hour and a half talking long distance to Julie because two banks merged. We had a credit line with one of them, but somehow in the merger they changed our mailing address to one we havenít used in four years. Today they called to find out why we hadnít made a payment on the loan since November.

That was a pretty pickle to get out of, but I made sure that we (a) got the late fees reversed, and (2) didnít lose our promotional interest rate. At first they refused to change the address without the Bossís okay, but then they found the correct address in one of their computers. Since they already had it, it was okay to change it — especially since they already knew the one they were using was wrong.

Banks. I tell ya.

This afternoon the Boss faxed over a letter from another banker, the one who helped us get the small business loan on the kennel. His letter referred to a previous letter, asking to be reimbursed for legal fees. The first letter was dated in November, the second one in December. (This is January, by the way.) The Boss has been shuffling these letters around on his desk until all of a sudden today it became a crisis to get these fees paid.

And thatís my job: to jump up and shut the barn door after somebody else has already ridden away on the horse.

8 January 2005

Cloud medley.

However, in spite of everything, I got the W-2s finished today and crossed off my list. Thanks to Julie I got the information I needed to complete the 1099s. These are all forms required by the government before the end of January, and there are oh so many more. And I canít do the accounting the Boss wants until I get the government off my back. And I canít take care of the government unless the Boss leaves me alone. If only I could chase my tail and chew gum at the same time. Then youíd see some progress.

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One caller I had today couldnít have known what he was interrupting. Mike Farrell, the actor, called while I was upstairs typing W-2s this afternoon. He wanted me to phone Governor Schwarzenegger to protest the execution, scheduled for next Wednesday, of Donald J. Beardslee, a brain-damaged death row inmate. Well, you know me. I didnít phone, but I did email the governor and ask him to grant clemency. Iím opposed to the death penalty on principle, but any compassionate human should be able to see that killing a mentally impaired individual who has been a model prisoner is wrong. Weíll see if the governor comes through.

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