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Sunday, January 13, 2008

So I was looking over what I wrote yesterday and I was slightly horrified (is that possible? to be slightly horrified?) about how cavalier my attitude toward cleaning was. Specifically, I took another look at the once white carpet and saw an accumulation of debris that made me blush with embarrassment, right here in the privacy of my own home. So I vacuumed.

Now, I canít say that I did a professional cleaning job, but you can really tell the difference. Or at least I can. And the funny thing is, once I got started I found dust and dirt in places I would never have noticed otherwise, even though I live here. And work here. And do everything else here, about twenty-three and a half hours a day. No wonder itís full of invisible filth. The cobwebs will have to wait, though. Thereís only so much cleaning I can handle at a time.

7 January 2008

Cloud signals.

I was hoping to get the time cards today, so I could start on the payroll early tomorrow and get it out of the way. Thatís what happened last week, but only because Tim was leaving for a remote job site first thing Monday morning. In other words, it was convenient for him to do something that made things easier for me.

This is going to be another monster week, because the fifteenth of the month falls on Tuesday. That always brings extra work. Plus, with the crew working out of town last week, itíll mean that the payroll is more complicated, because they get a different pay rate for work outside the area. I could have used the head start, but it wasnít meant to be.

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