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Monday, April 27, 2009

Can you imagine what a boost to the ego and lift to the spirits it is for a lonely old guy like me to have Kylie spot me walking toward the bleachers at Ericís baseball game yesterday, and to have her come racing toward me shouting, ďUncle Mike!Ē Can you? I bet you can.

I wasnít the object of her attention for long, though, since Kat was there. Kylie loves to carry on often one-sided conversations with just about anyone who will listen, and Kat is one of her best listeners. She somehow gets the convoluted logical connections of a three-year-old. Itís good to have someone who understands you.

Aidenís thought processes are more linear, but that doesnít mean they keep going in the same direction all the time. He shifts gears pretty quickly, and you have to be on your toes to keep up with him. He wonít let go of something until heís sure heís made you understand, or at least until he knows youíve heard him. Then itís on to the next shiny thing that he notices.

He can be a little demanding if you donít pay attention, though. He was sitting between David and me and leaning heavily back and forth. Then he started squeezing, and I asked him please not to hurt me, since Iím an old person. ďYouíre not an old person,Ē he insisted, ďbut Iím a young whippersnapper.Ē Well, yes, I had to admit that he was right about the last part. He always giggles when he knows heís made a joke.

26 April 2009

Eric and Kylie

And today it was back to the routine grind, although I have to admit it was a pleasantly low key Monday. And by that I mean I got the time cards without having to ask for them and finished the payroll without any interruptions. Thatís just how easy it is to keep the Monday blues away, as far as Iím concerned. Iím not all that demanding, when it comes down to it. But still, Sunday was better.

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Giants 5, Dodgers 4. The Giants let this one get away then reeled it back in. It would have been a shame to waste such an embarrassing performance from the Dodgers, who had just a terrible, terrible time doing such complicated baseball things as catching pop flies and throwing to first base. This time, with only a one-run lead in the ninth, Brian Wilson struck out the side to nail down the save. The box score shows no Dodger errors, but if you watched the first inning, you saw them misplay two fly balls into a double and a triple, leading to three Giant runs. They got the two runs to come from behind in the eighth when the Dodger infield couldnít handle a couple of simple ground balls. Thereís no end to what the Dodgers didnít do well in this game, and the Giants were there to take advantage.

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