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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Itís not fair, really, how our best intentions sometimes come back to haunt us. When I gave the Boss my cell phone number earlier this year, it was because I knew I would be out of the office for parts of several days, and I wanted him to feel comfortable if he needed me for an emergency. I should have known that eventually his definition of ďemergencyĒ would come down to that old standby: Where you at?

No, he didnít use that time-honored phrase of story and song. And anyway, when he called today I was driving between the bank and the post office, and I couldnít answer, not having a hands-free device in my car. I guess what he needed was an emergency to him. It was the fourth or fifth revision of a letter weíd been working on since last night. Itís a million-dollar proposal, so itís not a small deal. But if it had been an actual emergency, he would have kept me on it all night instead of fretting over it on the lunch hour. Such as it was.

After I stopped, I retrieved his voice mail and called him back. To his credit, he did sound frazzled, as if he were in the midst of a real, true crisis. On the other hand, he was satisfied when I told him I was twenty minutes out. (I made it back in fifteen.) And all he wanted me to do was add a couple of cover-your-ass sentences to the proposal before he faxed it off to Rhode Island. (Seriously.) For this I ran red lights and stop signs? (Not seriously.)

Besides, I thought he had enough disclaimers in the original version of the letter. Heís paranoid, though, which is why days like this are more stressful than usual for me. For him, itís just an average day staring shakily into the abyss. One of these days, someone will come along and give him a little push, and the black hole will swallow him altogether. Or so he believes, apparently. If it were up to me, Iíd take a giant step backward and try to get a little perspective.

28 April 2009

Through the Old Oak.

So now Iím sort of regretting giving the Boss my cell phone number, but Iíll get over that. Itís better that he knows I have one, because Iím not very good at hiding things like that. If youíre looking for someone whoís a good liar, Iím a poor role model. I can think on my feet and come up with the best version of the truth, but I canít fabricate a believable fiction on demand. Thatís why Iím just an office manager and heís the Boss.

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Dodgers 5, Giants 3. Itís hard to make a case that the Giants deserved to win this one. They made errors in the field and on the bases, and their pitchers couldnít find the strike zone. In fact, the Dodgers took the lead on a bases loaded walk in the seventh, and their first two runs were pretty much gifts as well. But the Dodgers walked in a run in the eighth, and the two teams combined for three errors, three hit batsmen and three wild pitches, not to mention 22 runners left on base. Eventually it was a legitimate big league rally in the ninth, featuring a pair of doubles and a triple, that won it for the Dodgers.

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