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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For the first time today, I felt some pain while working out on the treadmill. I have a bad knee and a bad hip, and it was the hip that gave me a few twinges. The knee is from junior high school; the hip is from being 50 weeks shy of 60 years old. It mostly affects me when I drive long distances (which happens rarely) or sit too long in one position (which happens more often than I care to admit).

But I did not give up. I slowed the treadmill speed from 3.5 mph to 3.3, and that helped. You wouldnít think two-tenths of one mile per hour would make much of a difference, but it did. I thought when I turned down the speed that I would also cut my workout time short, from thirty minutes to twenty, but I started feeling so much better that I just kept going for the whole time.

So far, since I started a week ago Monday, Iíve missed one day. That was a planned day off Sunday, for no other reason than that Iíve been advised a day of rest is actually better than working the same way every single day. I donít know about that; I suppose itís true, but I can attest that it helps mentally. I had no trouble getting back into routine the next day.

Iím seriously considering taking another rest day tomorrow. It seems to me that if I can feel those twinges in the hip, an extra day between workouts might keep it from turning into a thang. I donít need a thang right now.

23 April 2008

Thai Tango Chicken.

The Thai Tango Chicken turned out okay, not great. Itís made with Thai Tango Mild Peanut Sauce, a product that was discontinued by Tastefully Simple last year, according to their web site. I used my last bottle on this recipe, so unless I can find another peanut sauce, I probably wonít be making it again. I think the ďmildĒ part was the reason Iím not raving about the dish. It could have used less ďmildĒ and more ďtango,Ē I think.

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