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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well, I thought I was going to pass out today, and yet here I am watching the Giants hang on to beat the Dodgers, still sitting up and able to type the fact that I didnít pass out after all. About 3:30 this afternoon I walked out to the road to get the mail out of my box, and on the way back I started to feel dizzy. Light-headed. And flushed to the degree that the word ďmalariaĒ popped through my mind, for some reason.

It could be that I had forgotten to eat anything all day. I wolfed down a banana and a bagel, and then I took a nap. It took awhile to start feeling better, but Iím no longer worried. Whatever crisis I had, if it even was a crisis, has passed.

Not eating enough isnít usually a problem, but every so often I get so wrapped up in what Iím doing that the day goes by and I just donít think about it. Today was payroll day, and after working into the night last Tuesday because I didnít get the time cards early enough, I was determined to finish at a reasonable hour this week. And so I did, and paid the price but lived to tell the tale.

15 April 2007

First oak leaves in the garden.

If it hadnít been for the health scare, I might have been tempted to take the weed trimmer to the high grass alongside the driveway this afternoon. (Oh, who am I kidding?) Itís getting to the point where once I do get a chance to start trimming and mowing, I wonít know where to start, because Iím surrounded. I really need to get on that, soon.

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