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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It couldnít have been that easy, of course. If I want something done, and I canít do it myself, I just have to ask for help. Thatís what everyone tells me, but when it comes down to it, where are they? I canít get them on the phone, and they wonít respond to a faxed plea. Iím stranded on the cliff while the sands trickle through the hourglass. Or egg timer or whatever.

It makes a person feel a bit ineffective, if you know what I mean. Itís not just that nobody responds. Itís not that at all, really. Itís more that nobody feels that they have any reason to respond. I donít want someone to help me because they think I have clout, whether I have any or not. I want them to help because I matter enough for them to take the trouble to make an effort, even if it isnít exactly convenient.

Because, you see, thatís what Iíd like to think I would do for them. Iím not asking anyone to stop harrowing the fields and help me hunt for a nickel. They have something I need. It would cost them nothing more than a little time and even less effort to give it to me. And yet, here I sit. Still waiting. With the deadline rushing toward me like a train in a tunnel.

Itís dark in here, all by myself. And those lights headed this way donít seem all that friendly.

4 April 2005

Trees and fence.

The trouble is, when I stop feeling sorry for myself and think about it rationally, I know thereís probably an explanation. And I know when I hear that explanation, Iíll be sympathetic to them, and Iíll blame myself for thinking the worst. I just hope all this sorts itself out before I get smooshed by that train.

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If thereís one team who should get credit for keeping the Giants out of the playoffs last season, itís the Padres. I donít know how long itís been since the Giants have taken a series from the Padres, but they managed it this week, finishing things off with a 10-3 win in the rain this afternoon at SBC Park. (The box score says ďcloudy,Ē but it was coming down pretty hard most of the game.) For a while, it looked as if the Padres were trying to stall things in the bottom of the fourth, when the Giants took the lead with a six-run rally that started with a home run by Pedro Feliz. If the umpires had stopped the game before the top of the fifth had been played out, all those runs would have counted for nothing. But they got the whole nine innings in, a happy ending to a disastrous homestand.

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