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Sunday, April 26, 2009

This was a kind of moment of truth day, as far as my diet is concerned. So far, for three weeks now, Iíve been slavishly sticking to the menu plan from the book, tweaking it only by shifting days when I didnít have the right ingredients in my pantry. This isnít my long range plan, even if I stick to the plant-based diet (as Iím inclined to do at this point).

When the four weeks of the trial period are up, I want to branch out and use some of the other vegan cookbooks Iíve been accumulating. Mostly, I want to plan my own menus so that I can write my own shopping list. These three weeks have taught me a lot, and Iím glad Iíve tried so many recipes, even if it meant spending more time in the kitchen than a sane person would. I mean, I enjoy cooking, but not that much.

Some of the recipes Iíve tried will be regular parts of my own menu plan. Some (the split pea soup from last Sunday, for example) wonít be. But I have books by the likes of Mollie Katzen and Nava Atlas, who are not, as far as I know, fire fighters. I appreciate the hearty food that has been part of the diet plan, but sometimes I like to eat a little lighter. Iím looking forward to getting into those other cookbooks in a week or so.

Maybe sooner. I say that because today was the first time Iíve had real, serious stomach problems that I attribute to the diet. I donít know what I ate that did it to me (and maybe itís not even the diet, but one of the many bugs that are going around). But I was supposed to make chili tonight, and I didnít think my system would respond well to it.

Besides, Iíve amassed a humungous collection of leftovers over the three weeks. Some Iíve used for lunches, and some Iíve had to throw out, which I hate. So I made the arbitrary decision to ease up on the slavish devotion to the book and listen to my body.

26 April 2009

Heading for home: Aiden and Kylie with Uncle Eric after his game today.

Iím happy with the diet, overall, and Iím feeling great, overall. Today wasnít a good day, but I was deeply content to have leftover veggie meatloaf and a small green salad tonight, instead of three-alarm chili. I think it will make tomorrow a better day, too.

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Diamondbacks 5, Giants 4, 12 innings. Once again, the Giantsí pitching gave up just one run in eight innings. This one was a 1-1 game in the eighth after the Giantsí hitters wasted numerous chances earlier, including twice when runners wandering away from second base were doubled off. It was a tense duel between Matt Cain and Jon Garland until Pablo Sandoval, with his fourth hit of the game, took Garland deep in the eighth for a three-run homer, his first of the year. Cain had a chance to win his third of the season until Brian Wilson gave up three runs in the bottom of the ninth. The bullpen held on until the twelfth, but loading the bases with one out is asking for disaster, and thatís what happened. Thereís just no way out of that situation unless luck is going your way, and thatís not how the Giants roll. If they donít make their own luck, they usually lose.

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