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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rain is expected this weekend, and Iím not sure how thatís going to affect the bird sanctuary and wildlife refuge that my yard has become since it got mowed a couple of weeks ago. And itís not just the crows, who always like to walk the field when itís newly cut down. Iíve seem more new and interesting creatures in my yard lately than ever before. Of course, it probably helps that I can actually see my yard. There are way more lizards than I ever thought, and I always knew they were plentiful.

Donít expect pictures, because all of the creatures Iím talking about are wild things that go away as soon as they see me move toward the door, much less open it. But as long as the jackrabbit that keeps coming by doesnít know Iím watching, it provides a lot of entertainment. It could be that Iím easily entertained, but Iím not used to rabbits. Deer, yes. Iím used to those, and theyíre back at about the same time as the jackrabbit, usually late afternoon just before dusk.

When I first saw the Great Egret thatís been hanging around the yard, it was at the end of the driveway near the drainage ditch, which makes some sense. At least thereís some water out that way. But itís been coming more and more often into the yard, at times perching on the point of the garage roof. Thereís no water in the yard, so Iíve been a little concerned about the bird, but it seems healthy. It would be better off if the crows didnít attack it, though. They just kind of buzz around its head and then fly up into a tree. Iím sure itís annoying, but not enough to make the egret leave.

Turkeys have made my yard part of their daily rounds over the years, and there are several that Iíve seen in recent days. One, a big tom, I even heard today. Its gobble startled me out of my concentration on a spreadsheet. I think it had wandered right up to the open screen door and had seen me (or something; with a turkey it doesnít take much). It let out this great throaty gobble and then moved on, into the yard to peck at the ground.

21 April 2009

Reaching for the sky.

For a few minutes the other day, I really thought I might get a photo of the peacock that has been coming around. It was just outside the back door, but far enough I thought it might not hear when I opened the door. But alas, not only did it hear, it wound itself up and got its wings moving and flew off low across the fields in a spectacle of colorful, flashing feathers. Thatís something you just donít see every day, even here in the sanctuary.

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