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Friday, April 24, 2009

These are stressful days at the Company, and the Boss isnít one to hide his emotions when heís feeling overtaxed. In that way (and maybe only in that way), heís a lot like me. When I have a bad day, I have to tell somebody. When he has a bad day, he has to tell me. It wasnít in the job description when I was hired, but that was 23 years ago and we were all a lot younger then.

Heís actually mellowed over the years. I think Iíve gone the other direction, but Iím better at acting. Thatís one thing Iíve learned from him, out of necessity — how to pretend that Iím having a good day when Iím not. How to pretend to him, at least. Itís a matter of self-preservation. I seem to be rambling, which only serves to prove that I donít do that kind of dissembling here.

Anyway, our latest problem with the State of California might or might not have to do with the financial crisis and budget problems. We have a contract for a big job up in the mountains, and now that spring is here and the snow isnít a factor, we were eager to get started on it, after waiting all winter. So when we were issued a Notice to Proceed by a state agency, we went to work right away.

Within a week, weíd been served with a Stop Notice by another state agency. So we had to get involved in mediation between the two agencies. We are the contractor and they are the government, but we seemed to be the ones generating the momentum on this public works project. There have been meetings and (as usual with the Boss) a flurry of letters.

21 April 2009

Southern view in spring.

Today the Boss told me that weíre going back to work on the project next week. I hope that means weíll be allowed to finish it, and I really, truly hope it means weíll get paid for it. Eventually. The State isnít known for being quick to pay. In fact, itís known for dragging its feet and putting up obstacles that delay payment. But itís also known for paying all it owes us, sooner or later (and usually later).

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Giants 5, Diamondbacks 1. The Giants were so good at getting the big RBI hit in this one that it was a big disappointment in the ninth when they couldnít score Randy Winn, who led off the inning with a triple. A week ago this failure would have been expected, but now the team is improving at making things happen. What has turned the Giants around, though, hasnít been their hitting. Itís been their pitching, especially starting pitching. This was the sixth game in a row that their starter has gone at least six innings and given up two runs or less. Tim Lincecum finally got his first win of the year, striking out twelve in eight innings to give the Giants their first road victory this season. He had struck out thirteen while shutting out the Diamondbacks over eight innings last Saturday, but he didnít get the run support he got tonight, including home runs by Edgar Renteria and Bengie Molina. The Giants won their fourth in a row.

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