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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Iím better now, but yesterday was kind of rough. It wasnít taking Mom to the eye doctor in the morning. It wasnít the extreme heat. It wasnít driving in the extreme heat during rush hour traffic to get to Aidenís baseball game. It wasnít waiting all day for time cards and then having to do the payroll until 10:30 pm.

Okay, maybe it was a little bit that last one. But it was mostly all of those things coming together on the same day. And the only one Iím complaining about is the time card situation, which is recurring, but for which there is always an excuse, and itís always a different excuse every time. Thatís how they deflect, you know. If itís a new excuse, one theyíve never used before, how can I be upset with them? If I am, it must be my problem.

It was exhaustion, both physical and mental. It was a lot of things physical, like an aching back and sore feet and legs and the numbing effect of spring allergies. It was a lot of things mental, too, but I can usually handle those mental things better when Iím not so physically spent. Iíll be better. Iím already better. Iím more than halfway back to okay.

21 April 2009

Aiden stands reluctantly on third base.

Iíll tell you what helps. And donít think Iím saying I donít like hot weather, because I do. But our natural air conditioning kicked in today, and it was much cooler. Fog shrouded the coastal hills, and a cooling breeze blew in off the ocean, and life was just that much more bearable. It makes some of the other stuff a little easier to take.

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Giants 1, Padres 0, 10 innings. In the most important win of the year so far, the Giants (a) didnít waste a great seven innings of shutout pitching by Barry Zito, (2) overcame their inability to get a big hit (or any hit, for most of the game), and (c) saved runs right and left with some outstanding defensive plays. And letís not forget three scoreless innings by the bullpen. They got two of their four hits in the tenth, including the pinch double by Bengie Molina that won it. This one could have slipped away, but itís a morale booster and a momentum builder that it didnít.

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