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Saturday, April 23, 2005

This being Saturday and all, you probably donít expect much from me here. And you wonít be disappointed. As usual, I worked. Whatís unusual is that I didnít work all day, and yet I got more done than on a normal Saturday. Iím not sure how that happened, but I donít want to dwell on it. Sometimes things just work out.

Because of the rain that started late yesterday afternoon and went on through the night, there was no chance to get out into the yard today. Itís too bad, because I donít get time to mow during the week, and the patches Iíve cleared out here and there donít make the yard look well-tended at all. I think with a little cosmetic grooving with the mower, I could have made a big difference. Now itíll probably have to wait at least until next weekend.

The good news is that somehow I shamed Tim into giving me the time cards early this week. This means that I could spend my time doing payroll today, without the usual distractions coming over the phone and fax. Now I can spend more time Monday and Tuesday preparing for the tax deadlines coming up at the end of the month. And, as an added extra bonus, Iíll be able to take my own paycheck to the bank Monday morning, instead of waiting until Wednesday or Thursday. That will make my week a lot easier to plan.

The difference today mostly was that I made a trip across the freeway to Suzanneís house to meet her new kitten. Since she lost Missy a few months ago, sheís been working herself toward the day when it was time to adopt a pet again. Sheís been negotiating for the one she wanted, and yesterday she brought him home.

23 April 2005

Jetson, six weeks old today.

She was out with the girls when I stopped by to see Jetson today, but Eric was there babysitting. The kitten was sleeping in his arms when I got there, but he woke up and played around a little. Heís already quite comfortable in his new home. Maybe he knows he has someone who will love him and take care of him. I think cats sense those things.

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Iím a National League fan because the pitchers hit. Itís as simple as that. Iím glad the Giants are in the NL, because you get to see things like a pitcher (Brett Tomko, todayís starter) hitting a two-run single but forgetting to run to first base. He did that in the fourth inning, and then promptly got picked off, leaving the field to a standing ovation. You donít get that in the other league. Tomko also pitched well enough to lead the Giants to a 6-2 win over the Brewers.

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