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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If youíd asked me in the middle of the night how I thought Iíd be spending today, I might have guessed that Iíd be in the emergency room having a bone in my arm set and cast. Thatís because my guess at the time was that Iíd broken something, or else it couldnít possibly hurt that much. I spent the night with my left wrist cradled in my right hand, just to keep the pain to a minimum.

The fact that Iím here, the next day, typing with both hands tells me nothing was broken. The fact that Iím doing it with very little pain tells me I was probably being overly dramatic in the middle of the night, when I was answering imaginary questions from imaginary people. In fact, for most of the day today, I was able to forget completely how Iíd spent the night in worry, stress and borderline agony.

It started when I went to bed last night, but at that time Iíd already been asleep for an hour or more in the recliner, apparently in an awkward position that put stress on my wrist and arm. I didnít know if Iíd make it through the night, or what I might have to do in the morning to get past the pain. As it turned out, all I had to do was get up and go about my business. Early in the day I got to the point where I could hardly feel it at all.

2 April 2009

Roof, tree, cloud.

Some of the residual pain returned later in the day, but it wasnít bad enough to worry me. Besides, Iíve been through it already for one whole night, and I know I can survive it. Now it seems no worse than any of the other transient aches and pains that have been a more or less constant part of my life for the last few years, but that never keep me awake at night. Or I donít suppose they do, anyway. Something does, but Iím pretty sure itís not anything physical.

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Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool. This game should have been anticlimactic before it even started. Down 3-1 after losing at home in the first leg of the quarterfinal last week, there was no chance Liverpool could come back at Stamford Bridge to advance to the Champions League semifinal, especially with Steven Gerrard unavailable. No chance, and I think theyíre a better team than Chelsea. Theyíre definitely more fun to watch, unless theyíre playing the way they did last week.

Chelsea played the game backwards. They knew all they had to do was keep Liverpool out of the net, but they let them back in and trailed at the half, 2-0. Then they turned on the scoring, getting three goals early in the second half to take the lead before giving Liverpool hope in the last quarter of an hour. It took a last-minute goal by Frank Lampard to put it away, and still Liverpool kept coming at them, in one of the wildest finishes of the season. Chelsea gave up four goals but won the tie, 7-5 on aggregate, in a game that brought out the best and worst in both sides.

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