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Thursday, April 14, 2005

The grasses that grow along the center strip of my gravel driveway (gravel and mud, really) tend to get a little too high for comfort this time of year. Iím always glad to see the yard guy show up, and itís as much for the driveway as for the rest of the yard. This year Iíll be glad to see this fellow mostly so he can get his dilapidated pickup truck out of my sight line.

But I donít have to rely on him any more (except for moving his truck, and I might have to take extraordinary measures there, too). I took my new weed trimmer out into the drive this afternoon and shaved away at all the overgrowth. It was good to see the grasses and weeds cut down to a more reasonable level. It looks much better.

So you can imagine my dismay when I got in the car this evening, after doing all that work, and drove off to Tammy and Davidís for Thursday night dinner. You can just feel (canít you?) my disappointment when the grass still scraped the bottom of the car, all the way out to the road. (And all the way back when I got home after Survivor.)

I got over it fast, though. I got to play with D.J. (He wanted to play Incredibles, but we ended up playing rattlesnakes instead, and donít even bother to figure out how to play rattlesnakes; I was just there to be the victim.) I helped Dakota rifle through a pile of books to find the ones he wanted. (Dinosaurs, duh, although all creatures are fascinating to him.)

And then thereís Aiden. How can you not be in a good mood when Aiden is clowning around. He walks across the room, pushing his baby walker and bobbing his head up and down. He would probably be walking on his own by now, but he can crawl so much faster (and youíd better keep your eye cast in his direction). I think he can walk, but he just doesnít know it yet.

Heís everywhere, and heís into everything, and heís always smiling. (Well, thatís not quite true. He has his moments, but theyíre few and far between. Mostly, when heís not smiling heís laughing.) He even started a chasing game with me. I was down on the floor, at his level, and heíd pretend to sneak up on me. Then I would jerk around and face him and heíd do a double take, eyes wide, and scramble off the other way, laughing at his own joke.

Youíd think a ten-month-old would wear down after such an active day. At eight oíclock (a reasonable hour, I believe), I sat off out of his eye line while David gave him a bottle. All was dark and quiet. I even thought he was asleep, and I kept still so I wouldnít wake him.

Then he finished the bottle, climbed down off his fatherís lap and started playing all over again. When I left at nine, he was still singing and dancing and telling jokes. Everyone else in the house was pooped, but not our Aiden. He might still be going, for all I know.

4 April 2005

Streaky cloudlets.

Iím not quite so excited about my haircut as I was yesterday. I must be doing something wrong, because when I comb it I can see patches of different lengths (sort of like the center of my driveway). I know for sure that when I walked out of the salon yesterday, it was perfectly even. Or maybe I was deluding myself. I should have learned by now that Iím always going to be disappointed the day after. All I can do is live with it.

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I work hard when I take the trimmer out in the yard. Itís hard on my arms and hard on my back. I was exhausted when I was done and ready to cash in for the night. In fact, I was almost asleep when Tammy called and asked me over. Was I tempted to stay home and sleep it off? No, not much. And Iím so glad I went, too. That house is the antidote to the blues I sometimes get here by myself.

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