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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whatever Some People might think, Iím not struggling with the new diet. I havenít had meat or dairy for ten days now, and Iím feeling good about it in every way I know how to feel good. Iím getting all the nutrients I need, I can promise the doubters (and they know who they are) of that fact.

Plus, even though Iím spending a lot (a whole lot) of extra time in the kitchen, chopping and measuring and stirring, Iím not tired of that part of the deal yet. The extra time washing and wiping isnít quite as much fun, but Iím still happy to do it.

My problem is still trying to figure out what to buy, how much, and whether I already have it or not. When I think I do, I probably donít. When I think I donít, Iíll end up with twice as much as I need, at least. I carry these long, detailed lists through three grocery stores a week, and I still canít get a handle on the shopping thing.

Tonight I was all set to start working on a new dish with ginger and bok choy and— well, it doesnít really matter what else was going to be in it, because when I reached for the corn starch, there wasnít any. I was so sure I had it, I didnít even put it on the list I took with me yesterday. But you can bet itíll be on the list I take tomorrow.

15 April 2009

The oaks in the field are looking good.

Anyway, it gave me a chance to use up some of the brown rice I made yesterday, and one of the cans of organic black beans in the pantry, and a few leftover vegetables. I made a bean and rice extravaganza with various vegetable toppings. It was supposed to be on last weekís menu, but for some reason I hadnít been able to make it. Iím pretty sure the reason was that I didnít have all the ingredients, because of another failed shopping trip.

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Dodgers 5, Giants 4. In the first inning, I wouldnít have given a nickel for Matt Cainís chances to be around through the sixth, much less that he would throw 115 pitches and keep the Giants in the game. He settled down after walking in a run in the first, one of three walks in the inning. At least he gave the Giants a chance to win, as he does every time he starts. It wasnít much of a chance, though, because the hitters couldnít do anything against the Dodgersí young starter Clayton Kershaw, who gave up one hit (a home run by Bengie Molina) and struck out thirteen in seven innings. Thank goodness, then for the Dodger bullpen, because as soon as Kershaw left the game, the Giantsí bats came alive. They took a 4-2 lead on Aaron Rowandís three-run homer in the top of the eighth, then gave back two runs in the bottom of the inning and lost it on another bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the ninth.

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