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Monday, April 14, 2003

This was a good day to park four blocks from the post office and walk. I'm so glad the sun was shining around and through the deeply sculpted gray and white clouds. If it had been raining I'd have had to walk anyway, because there's no way I would have tried to squeeze Kermit through that jumble of cars. I couldn't help laughing at the people who really were lined up around the corner to drive into the postage stamp-sized parking lot.

On top of it all, it's a one-way parking lot. You can go in, but you can't get out unless you can find a spot to turn around. That can only happen if the cars that are already parked there can back out, and they can't if you're in their way, waiting for a nonexistent spot. I'm not sure why people even bother. I don't go in there any more even when the whole lot is empty. There's too much of a chance of getting stuck in the endless loop.

Even walking from four blocks away can be dangerous. Those people trying to shoehorn their cars into the lot are not all that concerned about pedestrians. They're not much concerned about the integrity of the sidewalk, the clearance in the intersection, or any other traffic laws and societal conventions. They don't even care if there's a concrete column in the way, so what chance does a soft, lumpy human have?

Somehow I managed to dodge all the cars and get into the post office, where the line of people was equally long and treacherous. Lucky for me I didn't need a clerk to check my mailbox and post my four items. Two of them were movies being returned to Netflix, and the other two were federal and state tax returns, with checks. I hope I got everything in the right envelope. If not, maybe Netflix will go ahead and forward my check to the IRS.


All kinds of clouds.

The oddest thing about my trip to the post office is that there was nothing in my mailbox. Maybe the clerks didn't have enough time to deliver the mail. It couldn't be that nobody sent me anything, could it? Tomorrow will be even busier, because it's the actual tax deadline day. If I weren't expecting a huge check, I might skip the post office altogether. Maybe I will anyway. I don't like crowds, especially crowds of angry taxpayers.

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Barry Bonds hit a home run into the Bay, and the Giants won again. They're now 12 and 1, but there was a difference this time. It's the first time they've beaten a good team. They've fattened up on the Brewers and Padres, whom nobody expected to be good, and the Dodgers, who aren't as good as they were supposed to be. Tonight they beat the Astros, who are in first place in their own division. Or were, until they came to San Francisco.

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