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Monday, April 13, 2009

When I have a Monday with no unexpected major crises, it feels as if Iíve been given a gift. Minor bumps I can deal with just fine, and there are always enough of those to keep me from thinking Iím on a water slide and not a rapids. Today, for example, the Boss asked me to fax a report to the latest consultant heís hired. It was something I hadnít updated since 2005, so I had to scramble a bit, but I survived without more than a few little gasps.

Oh, it could have been worse. It could have been worse if I hadnít had a full nightís sleep for the first time in weeks. And by ďfull,Ē I mean a full six and a half hours, which is the most I ever get at one time. It was almost consecutive, too, except that starting around 6:00 am, I woke up every half hour for a few minutes of the usual tossing and turning. Thatís probably my one decent nightís sleep for the next six months, so it will have to do.

2 April 2009

Interlocking pieces of the sky

Allergies got to me later in the afternoon, and the sneezing and stuffy head taxed my patience. I wasnít nearly as jolly late in the day as I had been earlier. It got to my eyes and my throat. I tried not to let it get to my sense of humor, with only marginal success. Still, for a Monday, it was almost like having an extra birthday present, just to get through it without a catastrophe.

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Dodgers 11, Giants 1. Itís demoralizing enough to watch the Giantsí pitchers giving up home runs while their hitters canít hit the ball out of the park. I think itís a little worse to watch the other teams executing little things, sacrifices and hit-and-runs and the like, while the Giants, who are supposed to thrive on fundamentals because they canít score any other way, are fumbling through the first week of the season with a dreary ineptitude. Gold glove centerfielders are making as many mistakes as first-timers, and there isnít a phase of the game that gives a fan hope. There is one thing that does give hope, however. There are 155 games left in the season, and all the other teams in the division will go through something like this before itís over.

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