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Friday, April 14, 2006

I know itís not traditional to celebrate Easter (or anything else) on Good Friday, but when you have a family that shares its children with another family, you sometimes have to make do. Thatís what happened this year and why we all got together at Tammy and Davidís house tonight. There was even an egg hunt (and, amazingly, each of the three boys found exactly the same number of eggs).

Kylie didnít look for eggs, but she found one. She and Eric rolled a plastic egg back and forth across the kitchen table for a good twenty minutes. She can be very focused when sheís involved in something. She bounces in her jumping apparatus for hours at a time, with that elusive smile on her face. The egg she found today was colored like a soccer ball, in keeping with her interest in the sports the big kids play.

D.J. and Dakota got Floam, and oh my, were they ever thrilled. Dakota wanted someone to make a blue Floam stegosaurus for him, and when Grandpa John stepped up, he was thoroughly delighted. D.J. rolled his green Floam into a ball and said, ďThis is Uranus.Ē He was talking about the planet, but it was a little hard to keep a straight face. Then he rolled it out cannoli-style and said, solemnly, ďThis is a viper.Ē

Aiden was showered with gifts, and he was appropriately grateful. ďThank you for the lawnmower, Grandma,Ē he said, unprompted. ďThank you for the chainsaw.Ē Well, sure. What almost-two-year-old wouldnít be thrilled with presents like that? But he also loves stuffed animals, and his face lit up at the sight of his new fluffy dog with bunny ears. Heís a complex person, our Aiden, but you donít have to work very hard to make him smile.

14 April 2006

D.J., with boots and Easter basket. (More photos.)

Iím a little out of practice at this. Itís been a while since Iíve had some quality family time, and now that Tammy and David and the kids have moved ten miles farther away, I donít see them quite as often. So naturally, I forgot my camera, but I took charge of Tammyís while I was there. In fact, I took the photo above and all of the photos on this page, except for the one of Dakota. (I think Tammy took that one. Or maybe I did. I honestly donít remember.)

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For the second Friday night in a row, the Giants started their game two hours late because of rain, only this time the rain was in Los Angeles. Through eight innings, the Giants had only two hits, but they were still in it because one of the hits was a home run by Randy Winn. Jamey Wright pitched another gem, and the Giants rewarded him by scratching out a run in the top of the ninth for a 2-1 win, with Tim Worrell picking up his fourth save. The game ended after midnight, but a Giant-Dodger game is always worth waiting for and staying up for.

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