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Sunday, April 12, 2009

You know the kind of oppressive fatigue you feel when you havenít slept in about 36 hours? The kind you feel in your eyes and your brain and your whole body? Thatís how I feel. I donít like it. It kept me from being as big a part of Davidís wonderful Easter party today as I would have liked to be. Itís keeping me from enjoying a practically perfect Sunday. But maybe it will help me get to sleep early enough tonight so that tomorrow will be better.

David had a large congregation of family and friends meet at his new place this morning. There were a dozen or so small children there, and they managed to find two or three hundred Easter eggs in a matter of about ten minutes. The eggs were easy to find, but that was good planning on the part of the Easter Bunny, because it meant everyone was satisfied and no one felt the least bit left out. Itís my opinion that an Easter egg hunt shouldnít be a competitive sport.

12 April 2009

Fun with shovels. (More Easter photos here.)

Yes, there was going to be a barbecue later in the day, and yes, thatís part of the reason I left. It wasnít that I couldnít stand to watch everyone else eating oysters and tri-tip. It wasnít even that I couldnít have taken one day away from my menu planner and improvised something else. It was more that this is the first week of the new diet, and I havenít fully come to terms with how to fit in while eating something different. Iíll figure it out. Next time Iíll know what to take with me, so that I can eat my stuff while others eat theirs. Itíll get easier, Iím sure.

Besides, Iím spending a lot of extra time in the bathroom during this early period of adjustment. If you know what I mean. I think you do. I could write a whole entry about that part of the deal. And I might. One day.

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Padres 6, Giants 1. Expecting Tim Lincecum to duplicate his Cy Young season of a year ago might be asking too much, but if youíre expecting him to be the stopper, you should probably put your best defense behind him. Yes, there was no defense against Chase Headleyís two-run homer, but Eugenio Velez, making his first career start in centerfield, played Nick Hundleyís line drive into a leadoff triple that produced the Padresí fourth run. Velez later made an error that contributed to the Padresí two-run rally in the seventh. Meanwhile, the Giants got their run on a Padre error and will be happy to leave San Diego after being swept in three games.

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