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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shall we count the ways that today was better than yesterday? Weíll have to leave the weather out of it, although I did manage to get out and run my errands this morning without getting soaked. Yesterday I didnít get out at all, so thatís a big improvement. I had to use the windshield wipers today, but only on the intermittent setting.

And thereís money in the company bank account, at long last. I canít use it until at least Friday, and possibly not until Monday, but itís there. The bank apparently doesnít trust Tim with a check that size (low six figures, dollar-wise), so they put a hold on it. I tried to get him to use his charms on the manager at the branch where he was trying to make the deposit, but it wasnít working. ďSheís cute,Ē he told me, ďbut she doesnít think Iím cute.Ē Well, I can relate to that.

I also tried to convince Tim to call his father, because the Boss has developed a relationship with the manager of the branch near him. We are supposed to call her whenever we need something. I think the Boss could have walked in there with a million dollar check and I could have started spending it the same day.

Or maybe not. Itís been almost twenty years since Iíve seen a million dollar check, and I didnít actually get my hands on it. I was new to the company then, and it was a much bigger operation.

But anyway, I was going to try to make this all positive, and the good news is we have money. I can write all the checks I want and pay every bill on my critical list. I can even mail them, if the people promise not to try to cash them.

17 March 2006

Toppling clouds.

And finally, although the kennel is still under water and the Giants were rained out again, none of the sliding hillsides have dumped any mud in my yard, and none of the roads I use have been closed. And the wind has died down a little. And... and... and... Iím sure Iíll think of something else.

(Oh, I know what else. My toilet, which wasnít working yesterday with all the water in the ground, has been flushed with success on many occasions today.)

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On the other hand, I got the time cards tonight at 9:00 pm, which means I had the choice of staying up late doing payroll or trying to get it done in the morning. It has to be mailed tomorrow, but it wonít be my fault if itís late getting to the employees. That doesnít mean I wonít hear their complaints, but itís supposed to be up to Tim to get me the information in time to mail the checks way before Thursday. Itís now after 11:00 pm, and Iíve given up on the idea of doing any more work tonight. So look for me to be back in a foul mood tomorrow (which should match the weather).

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