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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Well, shucks. I was going to come up with something else to talk about today, but I just couldnít wait to tell you how much I love my new vegetable steamer, and how wonderful steamed broccoli can be. I donít know how in the world I managed to do it right the first time, because that never happens with me. Maybe steaming vegetables is foolproof, or maybe I got lucky. Either way, the broccoli was like candy. Only better, of course. Because itís broccoli and not candy.

The one thing I wanted out of today was to sleep in. I did, but I slept so late that my feeding schedule was thrown off. When you have breakfast at 1:00 in the afternoon, what do you do for lunch? I skipped it, for once, except for an orange and a banana at 4:00. I knew I had big plans for dinner (relatively speaking), so I didnít think missing one meal would be the worst thing I could do.

The meatless meatloaf that I had tonight was good, but a lot of work. It involved draining tofu, and sautťing celery and onions, and improvising when I discovered I didnít have any ketchup in the house. (I used chili sauce, and why I had that and no ketchup I donít know.) I think maybe whether I make it again in the future will depend on how good a meatloaf sandwich I can make out of it for lunch tomorrow.

8 April 2009

One more look at the house, through the newmown garden.

My menu planner called for chocolate mousse for dessert tonight, but I was so disappointed with the lime mousse last night that I decided to go another way. I think I know what I did wrong, though. First, I didnít blend all the lumps out. Second, my limes were too small and couldnít provide enough juice. So I do plan to try it again, but tonight I went with lemon sorbet and fresh strawberries. Prep time: zero. Cooking time: zero. Chance of failure: zero.

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Padres 6, Giants 3. The Padres battered Giants pitching around again. I donít know how many home runs theyíre expected to hit this season, but Henry Blanco, their number seven hitter, had two of them tonight. Meanwhile, the Giants got their first two runs on a steal of home (in my scorebook, but not officially) and a sacrifice fly. In other words, they scored on plays where outs were made. If you could score a run every time you made an out, youíd be doing pretty well. The Giants picked up another run in the ninth on a double by Fred Lewis off the first base bag, the first RBI of the season for the number three hitter.

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