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Saturday, April 12, 2003

A magnificent spring storm blew through the North Bay. The wind blew branches out of the trees, and the rain came down in mighty torrents that filled up gutters and ditches and all those depressions in a certain driveway that I can't seem to get my landlords to care about. It was quite a performance.

And yet, this being spring and all, the sun also made brief cameo appearances, reminding us that it's on our side in the battle to chase away the clouds of winter. The sun is our champion and will not abandon us, even on dark, dismal days of dramatic dampness. Hope abides, although not for tomorrow, when more rain is due. Ah, well.

It was a good day to stay indoors and get something done. I managed the first half of that recipe. No, not even that, because I did venture out to the post office. I got soaked, but I had an envelope to mail back to Netflix, because that's the only way to get them to send me more movies. We all have our priorities.

Naturally, I didn't wash the car. Again. For the twelfth or thirteenth weekend in a row. And Kermit has been rolling through the mud to the point that it would embarrass a fussier car owner. Someone keeps forgetting and parking him under trees in the shopping center parking lot, allowing birds to decorate the hood and fenders at will.

When we got back from our errand and Kermit was safely back in his garage, I took a rag and wiped away all the muck. Since his "Treatment," it's easy to clean him. All I have to do is get around to it. The water beads up, and nothing, not even a towel, will dry it. So I won't really know until the next dry day whether or not my car is clean. But at least I did something.

I can't claim to have done much of anything else today, though, except sit inside and watch the wind and rain. With luck, there won't be too many more shows like that until about November. All this moisture just encourages the weeds and grasses to keep getting higher and thicker. A little more sunshine would encourage me to get out there and do something about it.


Not much of a rainbow, but better than nothing.

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was reach over and turn on the radio. Just for a second, because I knew if my station was playing music, the world hadn't ended. I don't know why I always doubt it, but after several hours of what I jokingly call "sleep," it's comforting to know that it's worth getting out of bed.

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Speaking of Netflix, I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of About a Boy. Now, I know everybody else saw this movie a year ago, and they all told me I had to see it, but somehow I didn't until tonight. And you were right, it's just the kind of thing I like, a gently serious comedy with a strong emotional quality. It's a poignant movie punctuated by belly laughs.

The relationships in the film develop organically, but they're nurtured by the determination of a twelve-year-old who sets out to create some stability in his life by bringing together his suicidal mother and a socially tone-deaf playboy with no interest in kids or a relationship. I nearly always like a movie that redefines "family," because I think it's a pretty fluid concept anyway.

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