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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Since my treadmill was delivered Monday in the big refrigerator box, Iíd made very little progress on it until today. I did take my pocket knife and slice the sides of the gigundis carton away from the machine itself. And I also read the first paragraph of the assembly instructions, but it had several words that I didnít even understand, so I put it aside and waited patiently.

Today Eric came by and sailed through the instructions without even having to sweat. There were some pieces left over, but Iím pretty sure they were extras. There was also one part missing, but it was just cosmetic and wonít affect the way the treadmill works. Somehow Reebok packaged two left sleeves and no right, instead of one of each. Iíll give them a call next week and get the missing part, but I donít really need it.

At least, I assume I donít need it. I assume, also, that the treadmill will work once Iíve plugged it in. The reason I havenít done that yet it that the cord isnít long enough to reach from where we put the treadmill to any wall socket, and I donít have any extra extension cords that arenít already keeping vital equipment (this computer, for one thing) up and running. So Iíll head out in the next day or so and get an extension with a surge protector, because of how wanky the power to this place can be sometimes.

12 April 2008

The new treadmill (and Jonathan Papelbon).

Since Iím not a handy person, Iím pretty lucky to have people around me who are willing to step up when I need help with something like this. If Eric hadnít come through, I might have had to accept Reebokís invitation to assemble the treadmill for me. You call them, and they call you back within five days to set up an appointment. Then they either show up or donít, and you pay them $119.00. Or more, because the flyer says that ďprices start at $119.00.Ē It doesnít say where they stop.

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