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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Iím not going to the YucatŠn in November, but I could. All it would take is two thousand dollars. Oh, and Iíd have to find my way to Houston, which is where the plane leaves from. And someone to share a room with in Mexico. And the desire to have every minute of my seven days there planned for me in detail.

Itís probably a good price for a vacation-slash-educational experience. It includes three meals a day, after all, plus three excursions a day and three lectures a day. Does that sound like me? Not really. Maybe if theyíd knock a little off the price and let me stay in the hotel room all day, Iíd consider it.

You know, you wait all day for the mail to come, and then all you get is a couple of travel brochures from your college alma mater. Thatís right, two in one day. Getting mail that seems to be intended for someone else is almost as bad as getting no mail at all. At least it had my name on it, so I can be pretty sure no one else got my real mail.

The other brochure is for a trip to Ancient Greece. How theyíre going to manage the transportation Iím not sure. Itís pretty far from here to Greece, but I suspect itís even farther to Ancient Greece. Anyway, itís four thousand dollars, so thereís even less chance Iíll be on that cruise than the one to Mexico.

This is what I get for being a lifetime member of the alumni association: a glimpse into how the upper crust lives. Iím sure most of my fellow alumni can afford the inflated time travel rates.

Itís not tempting because of the money and the fact that I donít connect with people easily. The only cruise Iíve ever been on was fun for me because I was on it with two dozen people I already knew. And even then I spent a lot of time alone (which is not something Iím complaining about). I admire and applaud people who can get two travel brochures in the mail and actually consider either or both of them. But I probably shouldnít be on that mailing list.

8 April 2005

Clouds and trees.

The only other thing I got in the mail was a notice that Iíd been selected to receive 12 issues of Pl@yb0y for only $68.66. But I do get a free DVD of the naked women. Somehow I managed to resist this temptation as well, although it did make the cruises look more inviting. Iím hoping for a better mail day tomorrow.

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You can believe this or not, but when the Giants scored five runs in the top of the first inning, I knew they were in trouble. You just canít take a big lead that early in the game and expect to hold it. Still, when they led by three runs going to the bottom of the ninth and had their outstanding new closer coming in to pitch, I liked their chances. Somehow the Dodgers scored four runs off Armando Benitez (and a host of Giant errors) and won the game, 9-8. Thatís as disappointing a loss as the team will suffer all year, and weíre only seven games into a 162-game season.

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