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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As weary as I am of the dreary weather, when it rained again today, it seemed more like a spring rain than the miserable wintry dousing that weíve been getting for far too many months now. Still, I prefer bright sunshiny days, or even brighter rainy days than this one turned out to be. And I prefer not to have to wade out to get the mail, but thatís the way it was. No boots, though. I refused to get the boots back down from the loft for one day of rain. (One day, right? Thatís all?)

After all these endless months of rain, youíd think people around here would be used to driving in it by now. You would, however, be overestimating their attention span if you thought that. We still have the same two classes of rainy day drivers we had in November. We have people that are so afraid to move forward that they should really just stay home. And we have people who are so oblivious to the conditions that you wonder if theyíll ever make it home.

My opinion is, everybody (everybody else, that is) should stay home, so that I can get where I need to go without having to worry about them.

25 May 2010

By the time evening fell, it was more like winter than spring again. Even on warm days, it still cools off quickly at night. On drizzly days when we donít see the sun at all, it just gets darker and colder as the afternoon wears on, and it feels kind of oppressive, as if Iím being punished for something. Iíve always said I couldnít live in a place where the weather was like this all the time, but lately it almost seems that I do.

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