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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It feels just a little bit as if things are sliding backward. The baby we were so sure was going to be born a week and a half ago now seems unlikely to arrive during the next week and a half. The negotiations to purchase the Kennel hit a snag today. That means that we're not as close to the official signing ceremony as we were (or thought we were).

We will have a baby, though, and it'll be soon. It might not be soon enough for Tammy, who is suffering the aches and pains and anxiety. It can't be soon enough for David, who is trying to hold things together and be strong for everybody. But the wait will be forgotten once Aiden decides it's time for his entrance. And that will be soon, whether it seems like it or not.

And I don't have any doubts that the discussions going on regarding the Kennel will work out. Both sides want it to, for different reasons. The Boss thinks it's an investment that will ensure the company's future. The guy who's selling is eager to retire. There's a middle man, of course, and the problem is trying to get around him.

I'm sure they'll find a way, just not before I have to spend another weekend and a few more of my precious nights typing proposals and creating tables and spreadsheets that somehow always show what a good deal this is for the other guy. Look how much money you'll make! Just sign here and it'll start rolling in.

24 May 2004

The house from across the yard.

So as much as it sometimes seems that we're going nowhere in the world's leakiest hand basket, a better world is in sight. If it takes a miracle, we'll come up with one. If it takes hard work, we're in it to win it. If it takes patience, we're in big trouble, but in the end time always passes, whether we're patient about it or not. I'm counting on that trend to continue.

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One area where things are definitely looking up is at SBC Park, where the Giants tonight won their fourth straight game, beating the Diamondbacks, 4-1. Barry Bonds hit his first home run in a month, and for all their early miseries, the team is still only four and a half games out of first place, with two-thirds of the season to go. So you see? Patience pays off. (Although I admit I wasn't feeling very patient when they were hitting into all those double plays and making all those errors.)

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