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Sunday, May 25, 2008

All of this forced inactivity would ordinarily be most welcome, but Iím afraid my body and brain are both starting to atrophy. Thereís a fine line between sitting around all the time because you want to and not being able to get out of the chair at all. As big a fan as I am of doing nothing, too much of nothing is like too much chocolate. Not recommended for so many reasons.

Sitting might be necessary sometimes, but it can also be exhausting. When I worked in retail, my worst days were the days when business was slow. Sitting also allows me to think too much about my other aches and pains, along with the one in my wrist thatís forcing me to do the sitting.

One of the things that got me out of the chair today was a trip to the medicine cabinet for an antacid (which had no effect on the bloated and gassy feeling that plagued me all day). I think my allergies also seemed a little worse than they might have been, given the fact that I spent no time at all out in the wind and weather (heedless, you might say). I also managed to think myself into a bit of a stiff neck.

For a Sunday, it wasnít a very relaxing day. Thatís what too much sitting around will do to you.

24 May 2008

My new wooden wind chimes from Hawaii.

So I ended up getting out of the recliner and walking around a little more than Iíd planned on. I didnít have the mental focus to do anything productive with the pent up energy, but at this point Iím happy just to want to get back in gear. That means a lot, because tomorrow, holiday or not, Iím going to have to make up for some of the time Iíve lost the last four days.

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"And he wants to present the image to the world of a man for whom nothing has changed, just because he canít walk right now. Sort of like FDR, only not."

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