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Saturday, May 25, 2002

One great thing about living out in the country is that you almost never hear strange noises at night. You hear noises, oh sure, but they get to be familiar noises very quickly. Strange noises? Hardly ever.

On the other hand (and there's always another hand), one creepy thing about living in the country is that when you do hear strange noises at night, it's almost never something good. Especially if there's a full moon.

Boom! Boom! Boom! It started around eleven o'clock last night and freaked me totally out. I peeked out around curtains and between blinds, into the moonlit darkness. It was a good sign that the motion-sensor light on my garage hadn't turned itself on.

I never did locate the source of the strange noises in the night in the country. I suspect they came from town, as most strange noises do, and so they must have been really loud noises to get all the way out here where I can hear them and be freaked out by them. Fireworks, probably. That's what I'm saying anyway, to make myself feel better.

I'm not sure why there'd be fireworks that late on the Friday night of a May weekend, even if it's Memorial Day weekend. It's not high school football season, I know that for sure.

If it's coming from the south, as I suspect, it might be from the minor league baseball stadium in Rohnert Park. The only reason I know there was a game there last night is because Suzanne sent me a message that she and John were going to it. So let's say that's it. Let's say it's the Sonoma County Crushers celebrating the start of another season. Go Crushers. Now leave me in peace.


Purple blossoms.

Two young deer came wandering through my back yard this afternoon. One of them came right up on the porch and started munching on the greenery growing up through the floor boards. That was the highlight of my day, since I stayed in and took care of the scratches I got all over my arms from pulling weeds yesterday.

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