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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Until an hour before the game started, I didnít know Iíd be watching my nephews play softball tonight. And if I had to be honest (which as you know I always am), Iíd admit that I didnít actually see much of the game. For one thing, there was this huge light pole in the way and I couldnít see much without moving back and forth.

Mostly, it was because the family was there, and itís always a little distracting:

  • D.J. was running around with some new friends he made (always within sight, of course; and heís always within earshot no matter how far he roams).
  • Aiden was in and out of his stroller, held by someone except when he was trying to walk on the uneven grassy surface.
  • Only Dakota was stationary, sitting in his stroller and laughing out loud at the action (except when he decided to move the stroller and plant himself behind another chair, for reasons clear only to him).

As usual, there were some good plays and bad plays in the game. I even saw some of them. Ordinarily I try to keep track of the action and the score, but I totally lost any consciousness of the game as anything except some guys running around on the other side of that pole. Iím pretty sure the game was close, and Iím pretty sure our team lost. Iím also about ninety percent certain that an egregiously bad umpireís call made a huge difference in the outcome.

Sorry, thatís the best I can do. Too many distractions.

But it was fun. After all, what do we go to games for, if not to have fun? (Even those of us who go to play the games do it for the fun of it, or we shouldnít be doing it at all.)

25 May 2005

Even though they're facing the wrong way, Tammy and Aiden are really watching the game.

Itís a good thing I didnít hold the baby tonight. I spent most of the days dropping things, knocking things over, and running into things. I was making French toast this morning and lost the cap to the vanilla bottle under or behind something, then scraped the skin off my forearm trying to retrieve it. Aiden took one face-first plunge into the grass tonight, but that was under his own power. I felt a kinship with him, though, based on my own pratfalls of the day.

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If a team is going to make its way successfully through a long baseball season (especially without its superstar), different players are going to have to take turns carrying the burden. Tonight the Giantsí hottest player, Moises Alou, and Pedro Feliz, the guy whoís been slumping the worst for the last two weeks, each hit two home runs to lead the team past the hated Dodgers, 10-2. Brett Tomko was the third straight starting pitcher to turn in an excellent performance. Funny how fortunes change. Early in the season the Dodgers went two weeks without losing and the Giants were struggling badly. Now things have turned the other way and the two teams are dead even in the standings.

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