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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The middle day of a three-day weekend doesnít inspire much ambition in me. I recovered enough from yesterdayís yard work to get out and do more today, and thereís plenty more to do, but it was chilly and breezy out there, and I was already sneezing my head off without even leaving the house. So I stayed in where it was warm and cozy. I had my TV and my Kindle and no hint of any contact from the Boss. I like my full retreat Sundays.

This was also a good day for clearing out the refrigerator. I had half a bunch of fresh uncooked asparagus, so thatís what I had for lunch. I checked on line to make sure of how many minutes to steam it (four) and then ate it without any sauces or dips, just pure natural flavor. It came out brilliant, bright green, too. My favorite color.

I did have some fun on Twitter today. Itís probably just as well that I donít have Internet access on working days, because I find writing 140-character mini-essays (I still have a hard time calling them ďtweetsĒ) a nice brain teaser. As you know, I can be verbose sometimes, and sometimes Iím verbose at the worst times, when I have the least to say. So the mental exercise is probably good for me. But mostly, itís fun. If it werenít fun I wouldnít do it.

24 May 2009

Still a little raggedy, but at least you can get to my front door now.

Itís not really a three-day weekend unless I take Monday off, too, and I just canít do that. Itís not that anyone is forcing me to strap on the green visor on a holiday, just that I know how much work I have to get done in the coming week, and it will take more than four days to do it. Iím okay with that, as long as the next five days are followed by another weekend. Besides, even though Iíll be working, that doesnít mean I wonít sleep in a little later than on a normal Monday.

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Mariners 5, Giants 4. The two home runs off Barry Zito accounted for all the runs that beat him. Itís not as if he gave up cheap ones, but a two-run homer by Ken Griffey, Jr., and a three-run bomb by Adrian Beltre were all it took to erase the hard work the Giants offense did putting together a rally. With the Giantsí pitching strength, four runs have to be enough.

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