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Friday, May 19, 2006

Whatís the deal here? Isnít this the middle of May. Isnít it almost June? Isnít there barely more than a month left before the start of summer? Then why is it raining? Isnít this California?

It started with big, Midwestern drops on my windshield as I was making my way home from my morning errands, and I would have been satisfied if it had amounted to nothing more than that. By the time I walked out to my mailbox this afternoon, it was coming down hard enough to soak through my jeans. By early evening we seemed to have come through the worst of it, but the look of the sky was ominous for the weekend.

11 May 2006

Shade of the eucalyptus grove.

So thatís that. There will be no mowing or weed trimming done this weekend after all. Not that I was really all that eager to test the strength of my right arm, but I would have tried to do some yard work if it werenít so wet out there now. No use fighting a losing battle, especially with inferior weapons. By next weekend it will probably be dry again, and I might be a little stronger.

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The reason I hate interleague play has nothing to do with the fact that games between the Giants and the Aís are invariable boring, lifeless affairs with none of the heat of a real rivalry, like, say, the Giants and Dodgers. Well, maybe it has a little to do with that, and a little to do with the fact that the Aís always seem to dominate the Giants. I donít mind 1-0 games, especially after the three slugfests in a row in Houston, but it never seemed as if the Giants were even in this one. They only had two hits in the game, and their only threat was a weak eighth inning rally that never got a runner past third. So yeah, I hate interleague play.

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