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Friday, May 19, 2000

It's been almost a month since I moved, but it's taken me this long to uncover the first major casualty. I got two more Phoebe Snow CDs in the mail today, and rather than listen to them on the 180-watt shelf system I bought on sale at Best Buy for the office, I decided to relax in the family room and enjoy "Two-Fisted Love" on the 500-watt System.

Not literally, of course, but it's a tantalizing scenario nonetheless.

For various reasons I hadn't used the five-disc changer since I moved in. For one, I haven't been spending a lot of time in that room. For another somewhat related reason, the family room shares an interior wall with my neighbors, and I haven't felt the urge to blast them out of the water. I'm sure the time will come, because they don't have the same reservations I do about making our building vibrate with the Rock and the Roll, don't you know.

No one was home next door today, but on a Friday afternoon I probably would have wanted to hear "Inspired Insanity" on the System anyway. Power found its way to the Sony changer, and all the appropriate lights came on, but nothing would make the carousel door open. Nothing that I tried, anyway, which didn't include hand tools or physical violence.

Donald Duck-style apoplectic rage ensued, to no avail other than to put me out of the mood for "No Regrets" and "Sweet Disposition."

After a seemly mourning period, I calmed myself enough to listen on the smaller system, albeit with the volume turned up to a satisfying throb. Still, "Isn't It a Shame" seemed more appropriate than usual today. Likewise, "All Over."

I was almost motivated to do some serious unpacking today. Almost. Instead, in honor of having both read High Fidelity and seen the movie the same week, I reorganized my CD collection.

I could use something to play these on.

While it's true I have other non-functioning appliances that need to be replaced, I can't attribute any of their deficiencies to the move itself. The microwave did its job for the first couple of weeks I was here. And the vacuum has been fading for a long time, which is why I ended up on my knees last month, brushing and combing the dirt out of the shaggy but threadbare carpet in my old place.

All of my electronic equipment was handled with care during the move, and not bus terminal-style care, but family-who-doesn't-like-to-give-me-any-more-reasons-to-stress-out care. Even though all I did for them was buy lunch. I packed most of my Stuff, including the CD changer, in the original boxes, including Styrofoam filler and plastic covering. Nothing was dropped, and nothing was dropped upon, but obviously I did something wrong. Getting out of bed today comes to mind.

No, no matter how many times I go into the family room and push the "on" button, the thing still won't work. Like I needed another excuse to buy the DVD player I've had my eye on. Lack of funds can only go so far as a deterrent, especially with several banks begging me to use their credit cards.

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