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Sunday, May 21, 2006

It didnít rain yesterday, but I didnít feel like doing any weed trimming anyway. Someone did, though, because there were two guys with trimmers working in the field across my side yard fence all day long. I mean, all day long, until about 7:00 last night. That wasnít the only reason I never got out of the house, but it was one of the reasons.

Today it did rain, but not until the middle of the afternoon. Still, that was enough to keep me from testing the nerves and muscles in my arm and trying to do more than I probably should. As it was, I changed the water bottle on the cooler this morning and then held my breath to see what the damage would be. Yes, there were twinges of pain, but no, there wasnít a major relapse. Iím glad I was able to do it, but I thought it would be prudent to rest that arm the rest of the day.

11 May 2006

Wildflowers at home.

Iíd like to get the grasses and weeds cleared off the walkway that leads to my front door. I donít want to discourage the mail carrier from bringing packages in, because I know what they do. They leave notes in the mailbox, forcing me to drive to the post office to pick them up. And Iím expecting part of Aidenís birthday present to be delivered this week. Plus, Thursday is water delivery day, when I have to put the empty bottle out where the driver will see it. I donít want to have to carry it all the way out to the driveway, because that would mean Iíd have to carry the full one in all that way.

So I think before Thursday Iím going to find a way to use the weed trimmer and hope that the consequences arenít more than I can handle. I need to do this, to prove something to myself. I donít care what anyone else thinks, but I canít look at myself and see someone who canít take care of himself. Thatís just too frightening a prospect when I project it into the next decade or two.

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Nobody hit any home runs today, milestones or otherwise, but a young pitcher came of age in the Giantsí game against the Aís. Matt Cainís turn in the starting rotation was skipped by the team last time out, and whatever they were trying to accomplish must have worked, because today the 21-year-old pitched the game of his life, a one-hit complete game shutout, as the Giants beat the Aís, 6-0. This is the sixth game in a row that the Giants have had amazing starts from their pitchers, and theyíve won five of those six.

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