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Thursday, May 18, 2006

I guess I wonít have to worry about having something to complain about when I see the doctor in two weeks, because every time I feel free enough from pain to relax a little, I do something that reminds me that the pain is right there, waiting to be reawakened. I start every day with such high hopes lately, but so far I havenít been able to get through one without losing my forward momentum.

Thatís how, after a day of doing everything I should and nothing I shouldnít, I can still sit here in pain because of twisting my hand the wrong way when lifting the skillet off the stove. Yesterday it was letting a fork out of my hands and trying to catch it before it dropped into the dish water. Big, dumb mistake, that one. It can undo a dayís worth of rest and ice.

18 May 2006

Anvil cloud.

Mostly, though, I think itís the build-up of little things that ends up doing me in by the end of each day. Or rather, by the middle, since I havenít been getting very far past noon without having to take something to relieve the pain. It doesnít hurt to type, so I type for an hour, and then it does hurt. Or Iíve been pulling the handle on the recliner without pain, so I reach for it one more time and the fire shoots through my arm. I doubt Iíll have to make up any symptoms when I see the doctor, as long as I keep bringing them back without really trying.

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The Giants didnít play today, but they have to face the Aís over the weekend, so can we still bask a little in their three-game sweep in Houston, in which they outscored the Astros 34 to 5? Thank you.

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