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Thursday, May 19, 2005

If the air seems a little lighter and brighter in Northern California this week, and if the swirling drain of life seems to have shifted a little to the southeast, maybe thatís because the Boss is in Texas. I suppose not everyone feels the difference the same way I do. To me, itís a little more tangible, like opening a window on a spring day. (A real spring day, not these awful rainy ones weíve been having.)

Iíve been taking full advantage of this cool breeze, not by slacking off (as anyone who knows me well might suspect), but by getting caught up on some of the work that has been piling up. That doesnít mean the piles of papers on my desk are getting smaller, but they are getting shoved around a bit. What a sense of accomplishment there is in shoving papers around! Very satisfying pseudo-work.

There was a potential crisis today, but I handled it without trying to make a call to Texas. I did what anyone would have done when someone phoned to complain that work on a project isnít coming along fast enough. I gave them Timís cell phone number. Heís been trying to get the Boss to give him stock in the company? Let him earn it. Iím too busy. I have papers to push.

Mostly, though, the week has been mercifully free of those frantic calls from clients or suppliers or subcontractors. I havenít had to make any promises that the Boss would phone back as soon as possible. And I havenít had to tell anyone that ďas soon as possibleĒ meant next Monday morning (assuming he makes it out of Texas alive, although he probably fits in well there, since Texas has no traffic laws and he drives as if California didnít have any traffic laws, either).

19 May 2005

The abandoned pickup in my driveway.

Itís been like a mini-vacation for me this week, and it couldnít have come at a better time. Just a few days ago I was one of those low biorhythmic ebbs where it wouldnít have taken more than a gentle puff to blow me over the edge. Now Iím rockiní and rolliní like the much younger man I never actually was.

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The way the Giants are going, I was looking for something to grouse about. Why, I wondered, was Felipe Alou playing Lance Niekro at first base, instead of J.T. Snow who hits about .400 at Coors Field? Well, I had to shut up when Niekro homered for the Giantsí only run of the game. And then after Scott Eyre came in and struck out the last two batters in the seventh and the first hitter in the eighth, I was waiting for Alou to come out of the dugout and remove him. I had my rant and rave ready to go, but Alou left Eyre in and he got the last two outs without further incident. It would have been a good rant, too. Still, the Rockies won, 3-1; I just had a hard time blaming this one on the manager.

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