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Thursday, May 4, 2006

I think I managed my pain pretty well today. In fact, I would almost say I didnít have pain most of the day. Then something happened, late tonight. And you know I know from late. I probably should have left it for the morning, but then I might have been debilitated all day. At least by destroying myself late tonight, I could take my pain meds and fall into bed. Which is what I did.

I happened because it was time to lift a new five-gallon water bottle onto the cooler. Thatís what got my right arm sore in the first place, about a week ago. Obviously, if Iíve used five gallons of water from the cooler in a week, Iím not going to leave an empty bottle on it. I need my fresh water, all day every day.

By the time I had successfully installed the new bottle, I was in tears of rage at the fates that allowed me to suffer so. I simply couldnít lift the bottle any higher than my waist, so I had to pull a chair over to the cooler, lift the bottle onto the seat of the chair and from there onto the back of the chair, and then lift it the rest of the way while turning it upside down and trying not to spill the water.

2 May 2006

Overgrown back yard.

Tears of rage, not to mention tears of pain.

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It wasnít bad enough that Prince Fielder barreled into Giants catcher Todd Greene with an elbow to the jaw, knocking off Greeneís mask and bouncing his head off the dirty by home plate. But then the umpires allowed Fielderís run to count, even though Greene tagged him and held onto the ball. Well, he held onto it long enough, although it fell on the ground when he threw his mitt to the ground so that he could hold his aching head in his hands. That was only the worst moment in a 7-4 loss to the Brewers in which the Giants left ten runners on base.

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