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Sunday, May 4, 2003

There was a double tragedy today while I was paying yet more bills. My "paid" stamp got stuck in a halfway position, where it would neither re-ink itself nor print the date on invoices. I don't know, maybe I slammed it down too hard on a particular invoice that I didn't especially want to pay. Still, it shouldn't have happened. Not yet, anyway, because the dates on the stamp go up through 2004. It should work for at least another year and a half.

But the ink on the pad has been a little dry, and I didn't have any to add, so I had to use a little muscle to get the date to print. If I used too much force, then part of this disaster is my fault. Still, you'd think these things would be a little sturdier. I'm sure not everyone treats them as if they were made of glass.

Anyway, the thing was jammed, and I tried to free it in several more restrained ways before giving it the hammer. Then I had a brainstorm. I lifted it above my head and dropped it on my desk. Kind of hard. I guess you could say I threw it. It wasn't from anger, though, but a legitimate attempt to make it operative again. You can believe me or not on that point. I'm too pissed off to argue about it.

Surprisingly, that tactic wasn't effective. Plus, I accidentally hit my favorite pen and chopped it into two pieces. That's the second half of the double tragedy. Now I have to find another pen, one I don't like as much, and use it to write the dates in by hand, since I no longer have a stamp for that purpose. Well, I guess I do still have a stamp, but it's now more decorative than functional.

It's a good thing I was near the end of this particular bill-paying session when all this happened. I might have had to get in my car and run down to Office Depot on a Sunday afternoon, during another Giants win over the Reds, to get another stamp. Then it would have been a triple tragedy.

1 May 03

The eastern sky.

For anyone not on the notify list, where I've been sharing daily reports on the water temperature in my new fish tank, I'm sorry to say that the situation is still unresolved. A little touch on the thermostat knob and the temperature shoots up to 84F or plummets to 68F. I've been able to keep it steady at 80F and at 76F. Something about that heater doesn't like 78F, but by golly that's what the water is going to be before I put in any fish.

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Just as I was finishing work today, I got a call from the infamous Tim, adding to both my stress level and my work load. He wanted me to do something that the Boss would never ask me to do. I sent the Boss a letter from a potential client, he faxed it to Tim, and Tim called me and told me to follow up. This isn't part of my job, and I'm not good at it, and I don't want to do it. So why did I agree to do it?

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