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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

The unfortunate part about being sick yesterday (or ďsick,Ē as I like to call it) was that thereís no comfort food left in the house. Iíve been gradually using up all the ice cream sandwiches and granola bars, and not replenishing the supply. Itís a long term strategy for better nutrition (or at the very least, less eating). And the truth is, I wasnít hungry yesterday anyway. But I sure could have used something chocolate.

And today I had to go to the grocery store. Actually, I had to go to the bank, so that the bills Iím paying will stay paid and the checks wonít bounce. But the bank being inside the grocery store, there I was. Full service bakery and all. I had a list, but thereís always some wiggle room. If I always got only what was on my list, Iíd never have discovered honey mustard pretzels or Caramel Caribou ice cream.

Lucky for me thereís a difference between craving something when youíre feeling lowdown and snatching that same thing off the shelf when youíre upright and pushing a shopping cart. I was mildly tempted, but I maintained. Thatís all I would have needed, to start bringing those fruitless (and vegetableless) treats back into my pantry again.

So letís hope I donít get sick again soon, because Iíll surely regret my Spartan shopping trip today. Or maybe Iíll work myself around to the idea that celery sticks can be a comfort food. (Celery sticks dipped in chocolate, maybe.)

28 April 2005

Escaping clouds.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do have to report (well, I guess I donít have to) that I bought two donuts. Only two, though, not a dozen.

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Sometimes the whole game turns on one play. The last out of the fourth inning would have kept Brett Tomkoís perfect game going, but it was mishandled by Ray Durham and called a hit by the official scorer. Five more hits that should never have been followed, and by the time the real last out was recorded, the Diamondbacks led, 4-1. They went on to win, 6-2, but there was good news for the Giants. Their newest pitcher, Jeremy Accardo, just up from AA ball, threw a perfect eighth in his major league debut.

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"If I don't have power for 48 hours, I'm invited to call back and talk to a live person. If I'm experiencing a life-threatening emergency, I should call 911. If I'm merely grossly inconvenienced, well, that's just too bad, isn't it?"

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